DRAGONFLY: lightness, speed and agility for the next Industrial Revolution

Dragonfly, start-up innovativa ai sensi L. 221/2012, è una società che opera nell’ambito dei servizi “Additive Manufacturing” nei settori della Meccanica, Aerospazio, Energia e Automobilistico.

Industrial 3D printing enabler

Dragonfly Srl is an innovative start-up (under Law 221/2012), established in April 15th 2015 with headquarters in Rome, Milan and Bologna, operating in specific services for industrial 3D printing, in particular for: Mechanics, Aerospace, Automotive and Energy fields.
Dragonfly is able to offer an all-around support, in terms of services and products for industrial 3D printing (from customized business cases to system integration services and from products engineering design to third parties prototyping & production), to support customers in the business transformations enabled by the new digital technologies related to the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0).

Dragonfly, originated from Nofrill experiences in the application of Additive Manufacturing technologies within the Aerospace and Defense fields, is leaded by the three shareholders Claudio Giarda, Luciano Macera and Luigi Viscione.

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Dragonfly set up the new Additive Production Center in Bologna
Dragonfly has empowered its offering with the rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing service. In Bologna, we have set up a new Additive Manufacturing Center, with a new printer EOS M290. In the heart of the Motorvalley, we are able to manufacture high precision mechanical parts with finishing operations by CNC machining (with aerospace and racing F1 high standard quality) or through the finish to nanomaterials.
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Dragonfly signed an agreement for the distribution of Optomec technologies (LENS® and Aerosol Jet) in Italy
In January 2016, Dragonfly formalized the partnership with Optomec, leading global supplier of production grade additive manufacturing systems for 3D printed metals and 3D printed electronics.
Dragonfly is the Italian partner for the distribution of LENS® and Aerosol Jet technologies to expand sales of Optomec solutions into Italy.
Read the official press release on Optomec site.
Dragonfly is one of the founders of the Italian Network for Additive Manufacturing
On December 22nd, 2015, Dragonfly established (along with other leading partners in the aeorspace, engineering and research) the network of companies called NIAM (Italian Network for Additive Manufacturing). The goal is to increase the knowledge of Additive Manufacturing, identified as a major factor of innovation for the aeronautics and space field.
Read the press release posted on the CIRA website.


Dragonfly is constantly engaged in the development of Additive Manufacturing applications for production, sharing standards and procedures with industrial and academic partners.
We are involved on specific research projects, including the development of new solutions able to make intelligent mechanical objects (thanks to the integration of antennas and sensors) and the development of new powders for laser sintering processes. Other aspects of R & D projects relates to the development of new software platforms able to govern most 3D printing plants located in different geographical areas and new "additive" logistics concept.
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