As a result of our experience, we have developed an analysis method that allows the customer to quickly get a business case for the evaluation of the introduction of AM technologies in production processes.

AMALFI (Additive Manufacturing Assessment for Lean and Fast Introduction)

Our methodology (AMALFI - AM Assessment for Lean and Fast Introduction) is able to quickly define the technical feasibility scope and the economical viability of the project. The analysis, either technical and economic, allows a comparison "As is" vs "To be" tailored on the client that evaluate costs comparison between the new and the traditional production processes. After an initial rough screening, the analysis identify the unit production costs for each PN. The feasibility study output is the definition of the economic and financial impact (EBIT and FOCF) brought by the AM introduction into the actual production context.In addition, our team of engineers, specialized in Additive Engineering, is able to analyze the benefits (such as lightweighting) resulting from component redesign (eg: complex lattice structures and/or topology optimization).
AMALFI methodology is also able to evaluate the savings generated by product with optimized geometries, and to develop the dedicated scenario.