Production of Prototypes and small series of products IN METAL ALLOYS


In the heart of the Motor Valley, we set up a modern design center and production facility dedicated to rapid prototyping and production of finished metal parts.
To get an immediate idea of our specific rapid prototyping services, download our brochure for rapid prototyping or read the article published on RPD about our "end to end" services.



Make a request for a quote: send an e-mail to  attaching your files (extensions: .stl .stp) and the filled quotation form. We are committed to get back to you a response within 48 hours.


We quickly produce metal functional prototypes with additive manufacturing technologies. Thanks to our direct partnership with EOS, we are able to produce large objects even now (max 400x400x360 mm).

We work metal powders with a certified process (EOS):

- Aluminium AlSi10Mg (datasheet);

- Titanium Ti64 - Ti6Al4V (datasheet);

- Steel 316L (datasheet);

- Inconel 625 (datasheet);


Other and special alloys are available on request, including, for example, alluminum Al 2024X (datasheet).

We are able to realize even non-metallic prototypes, in particular with conventional and high performance polymers.

In addition, we are able to contribute to the development of your new product with specialized design services.

Additive Manufacturing

We produce, assemble and finish components and small batches of final parts with a high degree of precision and an accurate level of detail. We also realize very complex parts with innovative finishing process (painting and coating processes with nanomaterials).

We use the most advanced technologies of laser powder fusion (EOS M290) with which it is possible to obtain an element of 250x250x290 mm maximum size with great density and with metallurgical characteristics equal or superior to those of the components achievable with conventional technologies and with level of precision such as to produce definitive metal parts.

Typical applications include small batches of products and spare parts in metallic materials for engineering high-performance engineering applications in the automotive, aerospace and plant engineering (energy).


Call us at 06.9293.9404 to evaluate the possibility of using the additive technologies for the production of your products.